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The RECAP preterm project

The EPICE cohort participates in the RECAP Preterm project.

The overall aim of this project is to improve the health, development and quality of life of these children and adults by developing the RECAP preterm Cohort Platform, a sustainable, geographically diverse and multidisciplinary database of national and European cohorts of babies born very preterm or with very low birth weight (VPT/ VLBW cohorts). This network contains cohorts constituted over a 30 year time span and is designed to optimize the use of population data for research and innovation in healthcare, social and education policy.

The project develops novel methodologies and tools for data management and analysis to strengthen research on current and future VPT/VLBW cohorts. The establishment of this collaborative European platform, implemented by a consortium of multidisciplinary experts, enables us to take current knowledge, research methods and tools as well as translation into practice beyond the current state of the art. This will benefit VPT/VLBW children, their families and society.

This short video describes the project (HERE) and detailed information on the platform is available on the RECAP Preterm website (https://recap-preterm.eu/). Information is also available on the EFCNI parents’ organisation’s website: https://www.efcni.org/activities/projects/recap/